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Anti-epidemic notice 30.7.2020

GFT Group > GFT News > Anti-epidemic notice 30.7.2020

In view of the recent recurrence of local cases of COVID19 in Vietnam, the following anti-epidemic measures are now reorganized. Until further notice, all factories must strictly observe:


  1. Employees returning from Da Nang on or after July 14, 2020 should report to Personnel Department or the relevant government health department, and be quarantined for 14 days (or testing and treatment as required by the government);
  2. All employees can only perform activities within Hai Duong or Hai Phong province. Anyone needed to go to Hanoi to perform official duties should be approved by the factory manager, and all other places are prohibited;
  3. Arranging any visitors (such as guests, auditors) coming to factories, they are required to declare whether they have returned from Da Nang on or after July 14, 2020, or have been to the places mentioned by the Vietnam Department of Health during the specified time ( See for details) . If so, the visit shall be suspended;
  4. Any guest visiting (including employees from other factories) must measure body temperature, wear face mask and disinfect their hands when entering the plant; and wear mask and disinfect hands when entering the workshop;
  5. When contacting visitors, everyone must put on face mask and maintain a social distance of 2 meters;
  6. Encourage employees to wear face masks during work;
  7. The workshop keeps measuring temperature of the workers before starting work and disinfecting their hands regularly (twice a day);
  8. Disinfect the workshop with disinfectant cleanser every day;
  9. Disinfect all common door handles every half an hour;
  10. Sterilize the finger attendance machine three times a day;
  11. Encourage Vietnamese employees to go home immediately after get off work and do not stay for parties;


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Johnson Leung – Executive Director

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