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Anti-epidemic notice 26.3.2021

GFT Group > GFT News > Anti-epidemic notice 26.3.2021

In view of the slowdown and under control of epidemic in Vietnam, the current epidemic prevention measures are adjusted as follows (until further notice):

  1. If the employee is a potential contact of new local case (lives in the same commune or has been to the place where he passed by, i.e. F1 to F3), he or she needs to suspend work and conduct home isolation for 14 days;
  2. Employees are forbidden to go to districts that are still under medical lockdown, including Chi Linh City and Kim Thanh County in Hai Duong Province; employees are only allowed to go to Thanh Niên Road beside Bạch Đằng Lake in Quang Trung subdivision or An Định Road in Trần Hưng Đạo subdivision (near BigC Supermarket) if they go to Hai Duong City;
  3. Encourage employees to participate in the government’s 5K epidemic prevention plan (wear masks, disinfect regularly, maintain social distancing, not gather for activities, make medical declarations), to install Bluezone APP that alerts contact with confirmed cases and makes health declarations by themselves;
  4. Visitors entering the factory must receive disinfection of their hands, measure and record their body temperature, and wear masks throughout the factory;
  5. Employees who contact with visitors should keep a social distance of 1 meter or more and must wear face mask and disinfect hands before and after contact;
  6. All employees must wear masks during work and wash hands frequently with soap;
  7. The workshop keeps measuring the body temperature of workers and disinfecting their hands regularly (twice a day) before starting work;
  8. Use disinfectant to disinfect the workshop every day;
  9. Disinfect all common door handles once every two hours;
  10. Disinfect the attendance machine three times a day;
  11. Employees must face wear masks while travelling on shuttle bus;
  12. Encourage local staffs to go home after get off work and do not stay;

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