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Our Values

Our Core Values - 生命不息, 拼搏不止! (Keep fight for Life!)

      The founder and chairman of GFT Group – Mr. John Leung started his business in 1983. What support him to pass through numerous hardship is the above conviction – ” 生命不息,拼搏不止”. A simple english translation is “Keep fight for lives!”. In details,  it implicates the meaning of life.

     For individuals, we experience different life stages that are full of challenges. We have to face, to learn and to overcome the difficulties or developmental tasks. For business, GFT Group also experienced so many development stages along with the cities and countries.

    Day after day, Mr. John Leung passes his conviction through his act of model of hardworking, self discipline, determination and vision to face the challenge everyday.

    GFT group now extends this belief into 5 merits to manage the enterprise:

  1. Precision 精確
  2. Quantification 量化
  3. Sharing 分享
  4. Solidarity 團結
  5. Quality 一流


You get what you need

GFT Group can meet the needs of customers around the world in production, because we attach great importance to “Precision”.

It depends on the use of various advanced, computerised and automated machinery and equipment to minimise the chance of human error.


To share your achievement of success results in greater success

The idea of “you lose I win” is outdated. Living in this global village, GFT Group commits to create a “win-win” working environment and “sharing” successful results with all parties.

GFT Group takes on various social responsibilities, continually improving the environment and internal institution.




All production data should be traceable and can be analysed

Today, the world has entered the era of big data, and every detail of life can be quantified into data and let computers handle it. GFT Group has no exception, and we strive to quantify various procedures to facilitate effective management. We use the MES system to fulfil this purpose.


The greatest asset of GFT Group is its staffs

Work is not everything in life. We also have family, friends, hobbies and dreams. GFT Group continues promoting the spirit of “solidarity” to become an effective, intelligent and affectionate team as well as a big family.


The greatest asset of GFT Group is its staffs

GFT Group keep launching lean production project to study the problem in production and try to make great improvements.